Take part in “Speedjäger Germany”

1. First you log in at Login | Register on.

Instructions for logging in | to register

2. Download and install or update the GPS Results V6.190 (https://gps-speed.com/download) software, as version 6.190 is important for uploading sessions to Speedjäger. Then enter registration data at [File] [set email address and password] and save.

Now you can open your session (also your fit file) in GPS Results V6.190 and upload it under [File] [send Results to Speedjaeger-Fehmarn].

3. Now all you have to do is post your uploaded session of GPS Results V6.190. To do this, log in to Post Session and follow the instructions there. Complete!! 🙂 If a spot is missing, please send us an email to info@wassersportverrueckt.de

Post session instructions

4. If you are an Apple user or cannot install the GPS Results V6.190 program on your computer, then you can upload your session here in the formats SBN, SBP or OAO files under Upload Session.

Upload session instructions

5. You can view the rankings here.

Leaderboard setting instructions

If you have any questions, just send us an email to info@wassersportverrueckt.de.